Team Managers

Please be sure to download/print the Academy/Select Manager’s Handbook (located at the bottom of this page) and use as a reference throughout the season.

Managers’ Meeting Quick Summary:

  • – Communicate with your coach about tournaments and the upcoming season so you can formulate your budget.
  • – Keep all accounting transparent to your teams.
  • – Any and all fundraising needs to be approved by SSC’s board PRIOR to the fundraising event.
    Funds raised benefit ALL players on the team.
  • – Managers are exempt from team fees for ONE player on the team.
  • – Uniform ordering should be under way for new players to SSC (and any returning players who may need extra items).
  • – All players (new and returning) should be uploading a picture (for player card) and their birth certificate into Affinity.
  • – For international players-anyone born OUTSIDE the USA-please check with Nydia ( immediately to verify the player’s status (she may need paperwork from that player).
  • – Start collecting black-out dates from team parents and let your coach know before scheduling meetings.
  • – Keep track of volunteer hours for your team parents – last page of the handbook has a table to assist you with documenting.

Upcoming Dates & Events:

  • – SCYSA Scheduling Meetings – Select (U13-U19) is (typically) the first Sunday in August; Coastal League (U8-U12) is TBD.
  • – SSC Night at the Charleston Battery is TBD.  SSC players will be player liaisons (looking for U8-U11 kids to walk out on the field w/ the players prior to the game) and sideline ball kids (U12-U19).

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Managers’ Coordinator:
Miranda McCune

SSC Programming Registrar:
Nydia Shelton

Director of Select:
Alister DeLong

Director of Academy:
David Smith

Social Media Coordinator:
Whitney Quick

2017/2018 Manager’s Handbook:

Academy/Select Manager’s Handbook