Referee Information

If you are old enough to become a referee <>, you must register <> for either a Grade 8 or Grade 9 Entry Level class, complete the requirements and pay the appropriate registration fee for the class you choose.

There are two possible entry classes depending on age:

  • The Grade 9 referee class is primarily for those under 14 years of age and qualifies a person to referee only recreational youth level games at U14 and below.
  • The Grade 8 referee class is primarily for those older than 14 and qualifies a person to referee all levels of youth play, both recreational and competitive, based on one’s age, experience, capabilities and desire.

Once you have passed your referee certification course and have your uniform and equipment, you will need to contact the referee assignors so that you will be added to their list of potential referees. Each referee assignor may have a different method of assigning games (either by requesting your availability via email or you completing a game request form for those games you want to referee). However, it is possible to register with multiple referee assignors.

For further information regarding refereeing opportunities in the Charleston area, contact:

Bucky Jones
(803) 920-2314

For further information regarding becoming a referee in South Carolina and for a full list of assignors please visit: