Codes of Conduct:

Parent Code of Conduct (2016-2017)

Player Code of Conduct (2016-2017)

Social Media Policy for Coaches:

All social media communications must be public, and all communications on or through them must be public. Being “public” means no private channels. For example, private Facebook groups, direct messaging or private invitations to personal Facebook pages, Instagram, Snapchat, invite-only YouTube channels, or Twitter, direct messaging to individual players, and the like shall not be permitted between coaches and players. This enables administrators to monitor all communication and help ensure there is no inappropriate communication between coaches (including assistants and volunteer coaches) and players. This also serves to protect coaches. Abide by a “two-deep” policy for all communications and activities. This means at least two Summerville Soccer Club-affiliated adults, or one Summerville Soccer Club-affiliated adult and a parent, must be included or at least “copied” on all messages to players.

Conflict Resolution Policy:

The following procedure should be following regarding any problem, issue, concern or question:

  • (1) Any problem, issue, concern and/or question must first be addressed within the team. Questions regarding fees, payment, uniforms, etc. should be addressed with the team manager. Any other question, comment or concern should be addressed with the Head Coach of that team. After a player/parent has addressed his/her coach and the issue cannot be resolved, the Head Coach will contact the Director of Coaching (DOC) in charge of that age group.
  • (2) The Director or Coordinator of the appropriate program will address the concern with the parent/player/coach and resolve the matter as they deem appropriate. If the matter cannot be resolved at this level, then it will be handed over to the Executive Director.
  • (3) The SSC Executive Director will address the concern with the parent/player/coach and resolve the matter as he deems appropriate. If the matter cannot be resolved at this level, then it will be handed over to the SSC President.
  • (4) The SSC President will resolve the matter justly, and in a manner that is best for all parties involved. If the complainant is not satisfied with the decision, they have the right to appeal to the SSC Board of Directors.
  • (5) In more serious situations, law enforcement officials may be asked to intervene. **Please note that depending on the severity of any issue, a call can be made for direct intervention from the highest level, but otherwise please follow the appropriate chain of command.**

Inclement Weather Advisory Policy:

At the first sign of lightning or thunder all persons are to leave the fields and congregate at the SSC Clubhouse. By the time the flash-to-bang count approaches 30 seconds (or is less than 30 seconds), all individuals should already be under the Clubhouse or should immediately seek a safe structure or location. **To use the flash-to-bang method, the observer begins counting when a lightning flash is sighted. Counting is stopped when the associated bang (thunder) is heard. Divide this count by 5 to determine the distance to the lightning flash (in miles). For example, a flash-to-bang count of 30 seconds equates to a distance of 6 miles.** Once activities have been suspended, all persons are to wait at least 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or lightning flash before resuming an activity.

Heat Advisory Policy:

If an official heat advisory is issued; no training session can begin before 6:00 PM. Intense workouts (conditioning) is strongly discouraged. Players must be given mandatory water breaks every fifteen (15) minutes. A training session cannot last longer than ninety (90) minutes total.