Other Training

Technical Skills Sessions:  SSC offers technical training on a weekly basis for Academy/Select players and older rec/development players. This program works to achieve excellence in each player by focusing on individual techniques and skills necessary for higher level play. Levels of development include ball mastery, receiving and passing, moves, speed, finishing, and group attack.

These sessions will run approximately 55-60 minutes. Players must be at Field F, at least five minutes before the session begins.

Technical Training – Field F
M T W Th F
5:45 Morey Woods Kifer Droze
5:45 Rose Brennan MacConnell West
5:45 Cook Shabs Ortiz Russ
5:45 Morey
6:45 MJones Weaver Begley
6:45 MJones Davis Rutland
6:45 Redmond
6:45 CJones