How Sponsorships are Used

Keeps participation costs affordable for players’ families. Our goal is to keep soccer affordable for the players and their families. Although the cost per season is competitive with other sports in our area, soccer is a two season sport. On an annual basis, this makes soccer more expensive. If a family has more than two players, their annual cost could end up being substantial. Our sponsors make an enormous contribution to the youth of our community by helping us keep soccer an affordable sport. A player’s current season club dues range from $600 (Academy) to $550 (U15-18 Select); for those players that play in both the fall and spring seasons, club dues are $900 (U13/14 Select). Last year, SSC was able to provide financial aid to approximately 25 financial aid packages, totaling $15,000.

Pays for training and affiliation with various soccer organizations. SSC belongs to USSF and SCYSA. These affiliations give SSC access to training material, clinics, courses for coaches and players. There are costs incurred for our membership as well as participation. Sometimes these costs include facility rentals for such programs as coaching license classes or registration fees for participants. Clinics are regularly offered and encouraged for all coaches. Various levels of training are available and mandatory for various levels of play. This enables SSC to offer a high standard of instruction to all of our players.

Pays for the continued upkeep of our privately owned and operated facilities. As SSC continues to expand, we recognize the need for bigger and better facilities. With the continued support of our sponsors, we are continuously developing plans for this expansion. Several of our capital improvements include: lighting fields, backstop netting, bleachers, vinyl chain fence, wooden foot bridges, storage shed, paved parking, etc.

Enables SSC to provide a quality program to its players. Our program not only builds a player’s skill, but also develops and fosters a strong sense of teamwork, sportsmanship, pride, compassion, community involvement, leadership, and hard work.