Financial Aid

It is the policy of SSC to provide soccer opportunities for all youth, regardless of the ability to pay, to the extent that there are Financial Assistance Funds available.  SSC is an equal opportunity organization which forbids discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, nationality, age and/or health needs.

Procedure for Filing:

      1. Parents/legal guardians must complete the Financial Assistance Application.
      2. The child/player must be listed as a dependent on the parent’s/legal guardian’s most recent Federal 1040 Tax Form or proof of guardianship must be provided.
      3. Verification of household income is required (from BOTH parents):
        • Copy of the most recent Federal 1040 Tax Form with copies of the most recent W-2 forms AND
        • If employed, copies of two (2) paycheck stubs for wages received within the last 60 days.
      4. A $25 Financial Assistance Application Fee is due with each application (per player – maximum of $50 per family). Checks are to be made payable to “Summerville Soccer Club.” There are NO exceptions to this policy. Once you have accepted a position for your child on a team, this application fee is non-refundable and will be credited towards registration.
      5. An application will not be reviewed unless all information is completed and required documentation is submitted, along with the $25 application fee.
      6. Application and verification of income is due by 1 June of the year in which the application is submitted.
      7. Questions regarding our Financial Assistance Program should be emailed to <> and <>.

Once the application has been reviewed, a representative from the Financial Assistance Committee will contact the applicants to discuss any future payments needed and a contract will be signed.

Qualifications and Conditions:

  1. As a requirement to receive financial assistance, parents, legal guardians, family members and/or players are required to assist SSC in various club activities serving as volunteers. The particular requirements and volunteer opportunities will be discussed with the notification of financial assistance.
  2. Parents/legal guardians are required to sign a contract concerning the remaining payments and volunteer requirements.
  3. There must be a true, verifiable financial need.
  4. The Financial Assistance Committee will make all assistance decisions no later than 30 June of the year in which the application is submitted, and notify the applicant. All decisions of the Committee are FINAL.
  5. All information pertaining to Financial Assistance is considered to be confidential by the SSC Financial Assistance Committee, the Board of Directors, and the applicant making the request.
  6. The Financial Assistance Application Fee will be applied toward the Initial Registration Fee.
  7. SSC does not offer financial assistance for team fees or uniform purchases. Recipients must stay current with their respective Team Fees in order to remain in good standing with SSC.
  8. Recipients receiving partial financial assistance MUST stay current with the agreed payment plan in order to remain in good standing with SSC.
  9. Any recipient not current on their previously agreed upon payment plan, or team fees, may be subject to loss of financial assistance for the remainder of the current year and/or future years. Payment in full may be required before the player can participate in SSC practices, games or other functions.
  10. SSC must be notified if your financial circumstances change. Recipients must request
    re-evaluation if their financial circumstances change.
  11. Mail the completed application form, fee, tax and payroll documentation in an envelope marked “Confidential” to:

Summerville Soccer Club

P.O. Box 50691

Summerville, SC 29485-0691

Financial Assistance Application (.pdf)